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Windows Desktop Firewall and screen lock changes (7/8/2021)

Thursday July 8th, 2021: Windows Desktop Firewall and screen lock changes from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Outage Summary:

On July 8th at 1pm we will be implementing a few changes to the SLCC computing environment to follow best practices with our security posture on desktop PC clients.  The basics of these changes are that we will be applying additional firewall rules, and implementing an idle screen lock lockout to all college Windows devices.  Similar settings will be coming for Mac clients in the near future.

Firewall changes (local file and print settings restrictions)  –

Local printer and file sharing between PCs on the network will be disallowed unless going to approved systems.  To avoid disruption of service:

  • Shared files should be accessed from a department\home drive or a SharePoint Teams site rather than of shared from individual college computers (Not a common practice by most people).
  • Printers should be connected via the appropriate campus print server and not shared from individual workstations (again, not a common practice for most people).

If a PC is taken off campus, the firewall will prevent local SMB (File Sharing), Remote Desktop (RDP), and printer sharing inbound/outbound when in the default public firewall mode.  If sharing is needed AND the network is trusted (e.g. your home network), you can place the firewall into private network mode.  For more information on this process, please read this Microsoft article, or contact the Help Desk.

Idle Screen Lockout –

Along with the firewall changes, all college Windows workstations will have an idle screen timeout set to enable after 10 minutes of inactivity. If a video is playing, the user should either minimize or close the video when walking away to prevent the computer from staying unlocked. This setting will take effect after reboot once the policy is applied.  As always, it is recommended you lock your computer whenever walking away, but this setting will help to ensure unattended computers can be protected from unauthorized usage.

Thank you!

Site: All Campuses


Systems: SLCC Computers

Use/Impact:  Printing and SMB functionality will be restricted to approved systems only, and 10 minute idle screen lockout.

Outage Window: New security polices will be in effect starting Thursday, July 8th at 3pm. 

***If there are any issues please contact Helpdesk, Ext. 5555***

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