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Zoom Recordings at SLCC

SLCC now has access to Zoom for video conferencing and broadcast courses. Zoom meetings can be recorded to the Zoom cloud for easy access and sharing, however, this space is not unlimited! 

To ensure that our capacity on the cloud storage is not exceeded, we have implemented a setting that will automatically delete Zoom recordings from the Zoom cloud storage after 70 days.  

For Faculty:

To assist with managing our Zoom cloud storage capacity, the college has enabled the automatic copy and transfer of all Zoom recordings to My Media in Canvas (Kaltura). This means that if you are using aSLCC Zoom account and record to the cloud, a copy of the recording will appear in the My Media tab of your Canvas courses after Zoom has generated that file. 

Image shows Zoom recordings

Our storage space in Canvas My Media is unlimited, so you do not have to worry about losing a recording after the 70-day period has ended.  

After a Zoom recording has finished processing, confirm that you see a copy of that recording in your My Media section on Canvas. If you no longer need the recordings to be stored on Zoom, please navigate to your Zoom recordings and delete that recording from the Zoom cloud.  

*If you would like to save the chat, meeting transcription, or any other element of the Zoom recording, please be sure to download this piece before the 70-day auto-deletion period or before manually deleting the Zoom recording. This content is not automatically transferred to Canvas. 

Image shows Zoom Canvas page

You will still be able to access and subsequently publish that recording in My Media so that you and your students can access it from the Media Gallery within a Canvas course. You can even publish a recording across multiple courses, so you can share the best recording of a lecture with all course sections. 

Image show MyMedia page

Instructors can also download the recording from My Media, as well as to customize permissions and settings that govern the students’ ability to access and download the recording. 

Image show Zoom recording


For Staff:

You can access your Zoom recordings from the SLCC Zoom webpage (https://slcc-edu.zoom.usor directly from this link to your account’s recordings: My Recordings - Zoom 

Image shows Zoom front page

From here, you can share the link to the recording and edit the permissions viewers of the recording will have, such as their ability to download a copy of the recording or setting a time limit for viewing.  

By clicking on the “Share” button, you will see the following popup where you can customize the settings and permissions for that recording.  Once you are happy with the settings, copy the link using the button in the bottom left and send that information to whoever needs access. When you share your Zoom recording, the viewers will need to use the passcode provided with the link. 

Image shows Zoom recording options


If you would like to keep a version of your recording for use to share with your students or other audiences at a later date, download a copy of the recordings from the Zoom website, and then please see our Recommended Video Storage Locations Knowledge Base Article.

Please contact the Technical Support Help Desk if you need further assistance.

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