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Windows 10 Feature Update User Experience

The Windows feature upgrade experience is similar to the monthly Windows patch process. Instead of fixing bugs or security issues, it adds new features and interface updates to Windows. The process will occur a couple times a year but will likely take longer than the monthly patches.

Once you are notified that your computer will be updated you have two options to finish the upgrade:

  1. Start the process manually, at a time you won't need your computer (for example, right before you leave for the day or for a long meeting).
  2. Let it happen automatically. If you choose this option, just make sure your computer is on at the time, otherwise it will run the updates the next time you login.

How do I update manually?

1. Open the Software Center by typing "Software Center" in the Search Bar

Software center search image


2. Select "Updates", and select the current Feature Update

Feature upgrade in software center image


3. Select to "Install" to start immediately, or "Schedule" to pick a time that works for you.

Feature upgrade example image

4. You will need to Click OK to allow the changes to be made to your computer.


5. You will see a progress bar and time during the install. 

Feature upgrade progress example image


6. The computer will restart once the above process completes and may require several reboots.  Updates can range from 20 minutes to 2 hours depending on your computer's hardware and the size of the upgrade. 

Completing upgrade example image


7. Once completed, log on the computer using your account. Windows is happy to tell you that it’s updated 

We've updated your personal computer image


You should now be running the upgraded version of Windows 10.

We will have several KB articles linked to this one that show what some of the additional features are depending on the new version. 

We also may have training sessions or online videos that can help you take advantage of the new functionality.

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