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Learn All About AllAccess

What is All Access?

All Access is a free service available for SLCC students that allows you to use several college licensed applications from almost any type of personal device with an internet connection (PC, Mac, iPad/iPhone, Android). This service works both from both on and off campus, so with AllAccess, you can start working on a program at the college, disconnect your session, and then reconnect from another device from home or over a 3G type connection and continue right where you left off. The great thing is that your device doesn’t have to be new or have a ton of computing power to run these apps. AllAccess runs apps in a cloud computing environment on our servers so your device doesn’t have to have a lot of computing power, our servers do most of the heaving lifting.

All Access includes apps like:

• Office 2007/2010 suites (Word/Excel/PowerPoint/Access/OneNote/Publisher)
• MyMathLab
• MyITLab
• Autodesk Education Master Suite 2012 (AutoCad / Inventor/Revit/3D Studio Max Design/Civil 3D)
• Gimp (image editing)
• NetBeans (java development)
• Ellis Applications
• Vocabulary Super Stretch
• Developing Critical Thinking Skills
• And many more*

Installation Instructions

To gain access to the system, simply browse to (or go to the main SLCC website and click on the “All Access” link under "Current Students" or "Faculty and Staff").

Once on the AllAccess website, there are installation instructions to help get you started with each type of device. Follow those instructions, log in with your MyPage username and password, and you will be presented with a list of applications that are available to you**.

Also note: Once you get logged into the AllAccess website, there is also a FAQs area were you can see answers to many of the frequently asked questions regarding using this new environment (System availability, how to save and access your files, etc.).


 Install and Troubleshoot the Citrix Client on Windows


Install and Troubleshoot the Citrix Client on Mac OS X

* Check back often as new applications will be made available on a regular basis.

** Some applications require registration to specific courses for them to be visible once you log in to AllAccess (e.g. AutoCad).


Other Training Videos Online

Visit the Getting the Most out of SLCCs All Access System online training videos on YouTube and learn how to:

Running Apps and Reduce Login Times


Opening and Saving Files in Personal and Cloud Storage


If you have any comments or suggestions, please provide them in the Feedback section below.


If you have any questions or issues, you can contact Technical Support:


Telephone: 801-957-5555


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