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Employee Dashboard FAQ for All Employees

Employee Dashboard

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Employee Dashboard?

Answer: The employee dashboard is a cleaner, condensed, more modern looking version of the employee tab on mySLCC. With enhanced features, including a mobile-friendly version, the employee dashboard will provide an improved user experience.


Why do some links on the dashboard keep taking me back to old pages?

Answer: While the dashboard is new, the pages it links to will remain the same until Ellucian updates them. In future updates, each page will integrate into the dashboard.


How do I get back to the dashboard after it has taken me to an old page?

Answer: You can use your browser’s back button to return to the dashboard.


My personal information is wrong. What should I do?

Answer: If your Permanent Address (used for payroll records) shown in “More Personal Information” is incorrect, please complete an address change form.

§ Locate it at http:/ It is found under the header titled “Personnel Action Forms (PAFS)” near the bottom of the page. Please return this form to the HR department.


If your Mailing Address (used for Student Records) shown in “More Personal Information” is incorrect, § change your address by going to the “Academics & Records” Tab after logging into mySLCC.

§ Under the Academic Records header, click the “Change of Address, Phone, Email” link.

§ You will be prompted to change your address. This action will change your “mailing address” only.


If your phone number or email address is wrong, email using your SLCC email account with the specific changes that need to be made.


I clicked on the edit button, and it won’t let me do anything. Why?

Answer: This function is being reviewed. We will let you know when this function is available. See question above if you need to change information.


How do I access my time sheet to enter time, vacation, or sick time on the Employee Dashboard? o Answer: You may continue to access your timesheet from the “Time & Leave” tab on the mySLCC page.


It is also available under “My Activities” on the right side of the dashboard.


§ Click on the button titled “Enter Time”. It will navigate to an older page titled “TimeSheet/Leave Request/Proxy”.

§ Below “Selection Criteria”, and under “My Choice”, select the option for “Access my Time Sheet”. Click select.

§ From here you will be able to choose your pay period and access your timesheet.


Regarding “My Team”, I hear my supervisor has access to more of my information; what information can my supervisor see?

Answer: Your address on file with payroll/HR, phone number, Bruinmail & SLCC email addresses, personal email if you have given one, emergency contact(s), hire date, birthdate month & day (year excluded), S#, and leave balances.


Who can I contact if I have additional questions?

Answer: You may email, or call the HR Office at 801-957-4210



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