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Adobe Creative Cloud Setup for Faculty and Staff

After you've requested an Adobe Creative Cloud Account through the Help Desk and once you receive the email indicating you have been granted access to the Creative Cloud All Apps Plan through Salt Lake Community College, follow these steps:

    1. Click the “Get Started” button All Apps Plan with link



    2. In the Management Account ‘Welcome’ Screen, select Desktop Downloads from the CREATIVE CLOUD APPS menu.

      Adobe Account management screen

    3. In the Downloads view, click the Download button on the panel for Creative Cloud.


       Tiles with various apps for download.

    4. At the bottom of the screen, the CreativeCloudSet-Up.exe file will be provided with download options. Select Save.The download file finishes and the file information at the bottom of the screen.

       Download screen allows to Save or Save As or Cancel


    5. Click to Run the Adobe Installer.

       Download complete image. Click to Run.

    6. Before the download begins, you will be asked a few questions in the NEXT STEPS section as shown in the following screen shots.


    7. Complete the asterisked (*) fields and then click the Continue button

       Next steps fields to complete.


    8. The progress bar will stay on the screen until the installation is complete. You will need to ALLOW the software to make changes when prompted.

       Installer running with progress bar image.

    9. Once the installation is complete, you will be provided a login screen and should login with the Enterprise ID used for Salt Lake Community College

      Adobe Sign in Screen to select sign in with Enterprise ID

    10. If given the option to use your personal Adobe ID or Enterprise ID, select Enterprise ID and use your SLCC username and password.

      Sign in with Enterprise ID
    11. The Adobe Creative Cloud Application Navigator will open and the HOME tab will be selected showing a list of Quick Start Guides. Click the Install or update an application.

      Screen image for Home screen to launch apps.

    12. Under MY APPS & SERVICES, Click Install to your work computer, click the Install button.

      Application Launch screen, click Install.



Each Application will show a progress bar as it installs.


Once installed, individual apps can be launched from the Windows Search box or by clicking the Windows icon to see all Program Folders.

List of programs included in Creative Cloud setup as appear in programs folder in Windows.

 Photoshop application installation running with progress bar.

To request a Creative Cloud Account, please contact the Helpdesk at x5555 or or from .

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