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Where did they put that in Banner 9


This is a guide to help both the veteran and novice Banner 8 user transition to Banner 9. It’s called:

Where did they put that?

Banner 8 Command or

Banner 9 Name & Location

Screen Shot

Next Block

Go Button - upper right corner of form

Banner 9 Go button 

Roll Back

Start Over button – upper right corner of form

Banner 9 Start Over button

Go To / Direct Access

Search fields- Search field on Home page and Search button top left corner.

 Banner 9 Search

Search button (associated with a field)

Search button – to the right of a searchable field.

Banner 9 Search button

Query (built in a form in query mode)

Add Another Field… button – upper left area of form.

Banner 9 Add Another field button

Enter Query (used to put a form into query mode)

Filter button – opens the form with the Add Another Field… button displayed – upper left area of form.

 Banner 9 filter button

Execute Query

Go button – Right side of section being searched.

 Banner 9 Go button

Re - Query

Clear All button – Right side of section being searched.

 Banner 9 Clear All button

Options Menu

Related button – upper right of form
Tools button – next to Related button

Banner 9 Related and Tools buttons

Last 10 Forms Opened List

Recently Opened button – upper right corner of Banner 9 window. Displays a count of the number of recently opened forms.

Banner 9 Recently Opened buttton

My Banner Folder

Menu button – upper left corner of Banner Window

To add items to the My Banner list: Go to GUAPMNU and add the frequently-used forms to the list.

Banner 9 Menu button

Close button (close Form)

Close button – to the left of the form description and name.

Banner 9 Form Close button

Close button (close Banner)

Sign out – top right corner of Banner window.

 Banner 9 Close / Sign Out button

Auto Hint line

Get Started / Auto Hint messages – pop up as required on left or right side of form.

Banner 9 Get Started Messages

Banner 9 Auto Hint example

Record Count

Record Count - displays bottom left corner of a list form.

Banner 9 Record Count


Save button – bottom right corner of form.

Banner 9 Save button

Banner Ball (Macro used in Word for reports)

Please see this article for instructions on how to re-recreate the "ball" : Creating a Macro



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