mySLCC Portal FAQs and Troubleshooting

Q:  I was able to login to the old MyPage system but I can't login to mySLCC.  I am receiving the message: "authentication error, please try again"

A:  If you are having problems with your login credentials, select the "Reset Password" link on the bottom left of the login page and go through the process to reset your password.  Wait for a small amount of time and then try logging in again.  If you are still having issues, try switching to another web browser.


Q:  I'm at work or in a locked down network and I'm unable to access the mySLCC login page.  I receive the error stating: "This site can't be reached - The webpage at might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address." 

I'm not able to find a new link anywhere and no information about the site being down. How can I login to mySLCC? 

A: It's possible your network is not allowing you to access port 9443 to complete the login.  You have a couple options.  First, request that your IT department or Internet Service Provider allow port 9443 through your firewalls.  Second, you can access the system from another network that isn't restricted.  Finally, if you are already registered for classes, you can login to AllAccess and from the SLCC desktop there, you can open the web browser there and that won't have a problem connecting to mySLCC


Q:  I forgot my username, is there a way to find out what it is?


A:  Yes, select the "Reset Password" link on the top right of the mySLCC login page.  Fill out the information requested there and change your password.  There will be a confirmation after you complete the process that will list your username.


Q:  I've forgotten my Secret Question and Answer.  Can I still reset my password myself?


A:  No.  You must contact the Help Desk and we'll reset your account.  Them come back to the site, click on the "First Time Users" link at the bottom of the login page and follow the process to reset your information (Your username won't change).


Q:  Can I login to mySLCC using my Student Number (S#) SXXXXXXXXX?


A:  No, you should not be logging in to the system using the S#.  You should be using your MySLCC username (typically something like [FirstInitial]+[LastName]+[Some Numbers] e.g. John Smith = jsmith500).  If you are a new student and don't have your MySLCC username yet (or if you forgot your username), click on the "First Time Users" link at the bottom of the login page.  Fill out the information and once you complete the information there and submit, the confirmation page will list your username.


Q:  I'm trying to register for classes, I go into the registration tab, click the "add/drop class" button and it opens a new tab that says, "session expired".  What am I doing wrong?

A:  You will want to clear out your temporary internet files and cookies from your web browser.  Close the browser and then try again.


Q:  When I'm done using mySLCC can I just close the browser window?


A:  It's best to click the signoff link at the top right of the browser (to the right of your name).  This ensures a clean logout and a better experience the next time you login.


Q: I put in my username and password multiple times and received the notice:  "Account locked. Maximum login attempts exceeded. Please wait 5 minutes and try again."  Can the helpdesk reset my account so I can login again immediately?


A:  After 3 bad password attempts, the system will temporarily lock your account.  After five minutes, it will automatically unlock.  The Help Desk staff can't release that lock and so you need to wait the time specified by the system.  If you don't know the correct password, use the procedures listed in this FAQ to reset your password.


Q:  I'd like to save mySLCC to a bookmark.  Is there anything special that I need to do?


A:  You can save a bookmark, just make sure that the URL in the address bar is not to the authentication page or any other redirect.


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