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SLCC Google Apps

As SLCC weighed their options to replace MyMail, the decision was made to migrate to Google Apps for Education.

As with MyMail, all faculty, staff and students will get an account and have the ability to keep the account forever.

Google Apps will allow greater flexibility and provide all users with a suite of applications that can be accessed with any Internet connected device. It is highly interactive, and positively encourages collaboration. Here is the list of applications that are available:

  • Gmail – Huge inbox with search (25gb and growing)
  • Talk – Instant messaging and Video Chat as easy as email
  • Groups – Allows students to easily create groups and work in teams
  • Calendar – Makes sharing calendars and schedules easy
  • Docs – Makes collaborating easy (5000 docs and 1000 spreadsheets)
  • Sites – Allows students to manage their own site

Email and Calendar

The email and calendar buttons will simply redirect the individual to Google. Faculty will access their class lists and email their students exactly the same way as they did in MyMail. The transition should be seamless for all users.

The email domain has been changed from to

If you forwarded your MyMail to another email system and want to continue to forward your new Bruinmail account, then you must apply those settings for forwarding. Any new correspondence sent to your old MyMail  will automatically be forwarded to your new BuinMail account.

See instructions to help individual’s access and forward all of their old email from MyMail and forward it new Google email account. We will allow access to old emails until the end of the Fall Semester.

Google Docs

The Google Docs suite is the core foundation of Google Apps for Education. This online office suite allows you to create word processing documents, slideshow presentations, and spreadsheets. These documents can be worked on collaboratively in real-time, by faculty, staff and students, and they can be shared with the world or kept private according to your needs.

Google Forms

Questionnaires and data collection tools may be created with Google Forms. This is great for surveying student knowledge, garnering staff opinions and more. The access to email and calendaring will function the same way as it does today through the MyPage portal.

GoogleApps Help

Here you will find details on GoogleApps and the essentials you need to know to gain a basic understanding of our new email system here at SLCC.

Information is included on how to access Training Materials, FAQs and details on each of the Google Apps Services (GMail, GCal, etc).

Any and all questions or support issues should be submitted to

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