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MobilePrint FAQs


  • What is MobilePrint?
    MobilePrint allows you to submit print jobs to SLCC printers by email attachment or direct upload from ANY mobile device.
  • How do I use MobilePrint?
    There are two ways to use MobilePrint; direct upload and email attachment.
    • To submit print jobs by email, login and register your email address with MobilePrint and then send an email to with the attached files you wish to print.
    • To use direct upload, login and click the "Upload a document" button.
  • How do I get access to MobilePrint?
    If you are a currently active student, and are able to login to SLCC computer systems, you have access to our MobilePrint system.
  • Why do I need to register my email address?
    Registering your email address allows MobilePrint to identify you when submitting print jobs by email.
  • How do I register my email address with MobilePrint?
    You can register your email address by logging in and clicking on your username at the top and then entering an email. You will then receive a confirmation email at that address.
  • What file formats does MobilePrint support?
    MobilePrint supports the following document types:
    • Microsoft Word - .doc .docx .dot
    • Microsoft Excel - .xls .xlt .xlsx .xltx .xltm .xlsm
    • Microsoft PowerPoint - .ppt .pptx .pptm .pot .pps .potx .ppsx
    • Microsoft Visio - .vsd .vss .vst .vdx .vsx .vtx .vdw
    • Microsoft Outlook - .msg .eml
    • Microsoft Publisher - .pub
    • OpenOffice 3.4.1 and LibreOffice - .odt .ods .ott .odp
    • Comma Separated Values - .csv
    • Portable Document Format - .pdf
    • Rich Text Format - .rtf
    • Text files - .txt
    • Limited HTML support - HTML as part of the email body itself. HTML links or attachments are not supported for security reasons.
    *PowerPoint Notice* We recommend printing PowerPoint documents from an Open Lab Computer. MobilePrint doesn't allow for "# of slides per page" printing. PowerPoints will be 1 slide per page when using MobilePrint.
  • Where can I release my MobilePrint submitted jobs?
    MobilePrint submitted jobs may ONLY be released at the following SLCC locations:
    • Redwood Open Computer Lab - Library - Main Floor
    • Redwood Student Express Lab - Student Center - Second Floor
    • South Open Computer Lab - Second Floor - Room W285
    • South Student Express Lab - First Floor - Room W137
    • South Library - First Floor - Room 1022
    • Miller Open Computer Lab - MFEC - Room 207
    • Jordan Open Computer Lab - Health Science Center - Atrium
    • Jordan Student Express Lab - High-Tech Center - Main Floor
    • Jordan Library - Health Science Center - Room 235
  • Can I submit jobs to be printed in color?
    Unfortunately, jobs cannot be released at color printers. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
  • Can I also print the body of my email submitted jobs?
    Yes you can. However, the body of the email (not including the signature) must exceed 200 characters or it will be ignored by MobilePrint.
  • How many attachments can I send to print?
    You may submit up to 5 documents at a time per email. This is to ensure that the server doesn't spend too much time rendering one person's documents.

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