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OIT Support and Information Portal Overview


Portal Content

From our portal you can view information about SLCC technology services as well as request assistance from the Information Technology Staff. The simplest way to get started on our site is simply to type what you are looking for in the search box, however there is a lot of other great information here as well. Below is an image of the OIT Portal homepage with key areas highlighted:

Red Box Search Bar:Starting typing for the information you’re looking for in the search. You will automatically see knowledge base articles and service catalog items related to your search criteria.

Blue Box Rotating Carousel: Highlighted OIT services and news will be listed here

Green Box Menu Bar: The menu bar has links to several key areas of the portal:

  • Request Something: This opens the Service catalog. This opens a list of IT services you can request.

  • Knowledge Base: Search hundreds of articles for training and help for all types of technology questions and issues.

  • Report an Issue: Start an incident request to get something fixed

  • My Tickets: Check or update the status of your requests or incidents.

  • Contact Us: Locations and contact information for the OIT Department

Support Portal Overview
Red Box Quick Links:This area points to pages with additional information for the OIT department
  • Computer Labs: List of all SLCC computer labs. You can filter and sort based on location, lab type, etc.

  • Information Security: Security tips, best practices and recommendations from the Information Security Department.

  • OIT Training: Find information on Staff/Faculty training events and online training resources.

  • IT Directory: Phone directory for the OIT department

  • IT Departments: Listing and pictures of all the Different OIT departments.

  • Meet the CIO: Information about the head of the OIT department.

  • About us: View information about the IT Strategic plan and see the department organization chart.

Purple Box Live Chat: During our normal working hours the live chat will allow you to do a quick chat session with people on the Help Desk. And if we can’t fix your issue via chat, we can create a new incident request with the text from the chat included.

Orange Box News and Top Articles: This section of the page will contain any important news, outage information, as well as some of the top viewed articles.



Logging in to ServiceNow

Most of the ServiceNow site doesn’t require a login, however if you try to request services, initiate a new incident, or check the status of your open requests you will be prompted for a login. This will take you to the SLCC federated login page that allows you to be authenticated.

Sign-in using your SLCC username and password using the following format:

Staff/Faculty/Adjunct: [UserName]

Students: [UserName]

Login Link

***Staff/Faculty/Adjunct: Please note that the login format looks similar to a college email address, but is not using the [FirstName].[LastName] format. Please use the format [UserName] as shown above.

ADFS Login Page



Requesting Technology Services

With the ServiceNow platform we treat requests differently from incidents (services vs issues).

Catalog Items Page

To initiate a request, click on “Request something”. There are options to see the entire Service Catalog, or to see a filtered view of the catalog depending on your role at SLCC (Staff, Faculty, Students). We will be continually adding to this section of the site as we add specific services to the site.

Student Catalog Page

Service Request Forms and the Shopping Cart

Some services may have information about how you access existing services, while others will prompt you with a form to fill out to initiate a service request.

These are similar to an “order” form where you will fill out the needed information and then select “Order Now”.

Once you select the Shopping Cart, add any additional information and click “Select Order”

 Shopping Cart Example


Example Catalog Item Form (Guest Wireless Access)



Searching the Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base Search Page

From the Knowledge base page you can search for or browse different articles and training on the OIT portal. To search, simply type the information you are looking for. To browse topics, you can either select from the frequent topics in the body of the page or select from the topics listed on the right side of the page. Clicking on the topic itself brings up all the items under the topic. Clicking the plus “+” sign next to the specific topic brings out any subtopics to you can use to filter items.

Once you select an article you can also select to print it, or provide feedback to help us improve the articles as well. Print Article Icon

Knowledge Base Feedback Form

There is also a “permalink” on the bottom of the page you can copy and use to share a specific knowledge article with others.


Creating a new incident

To create a new incident report, click on “Report an Issue”. This will bring up the incident request form. You can then fill out the form with information regarding the issue you are reporting.

Incident Request Form

Important Points

  • Clicking on the “More information” link near any field will show additional information about how to fill out a field as shown in the image.

  • Knowledge Base articles and training information will appear below the “Short description” as you fill this in. Review any of these that may help fix your issue. Click on the “fixed my issue” button to help us track the value of specific articles

  • You can click the plus “+” and minus “-“ icons by the “Please describe your issue below” heading to increase/descrease the size of the input box.

  • You can also attach documents and screenshots of your issue by selecting the paperclip icon on the top right of the form to attach the document(s) to your issue.

Business Service Field

This is not a mandatory field, however can help the IT department route your issue to the correct location and also assists in our planning for training or documentation for services requiring frequent assistance. If you don’t fill in this form, someone from IT will complete it later. You can click on the magnifying glass next to this field and view possible data for this or search for the appropriate IT service to associate with your issue.



Checking the status of your Requests and Incidents

My Tickets Page By clicking on the “My Tickets” link you’ll be taken to a page with information on both your open and closed Incidents and Requests. From here, you can check on the status of your request and also update the ticket with additional or new information that you may have to help resolve your problem.

Updating, Closing or Reopening Existing Incidents or Requests

To update an incident or request, click on the link to the desired item. From this form you can:

  • View any comments in the activity feed.

  • Add new comments to the “Additional Comments” field.

  • You can also update existing cases by replying to any of the emails associated with that issue.

  • Add additional attachments or screenshots using the paperclip icon in the top right of the form

  • Add someone else to the “Watch List” if you would like them to receive email updates about a particular request

  • Clicking “Save” will save any updates you’ve added.

  • “Submit” performs a “Save and Close” operation.

  • “Accept” (close) an incident

  • “Reopen” a particular incident

Incident Status Page


Using the live Chat Function

During normal help desk business hours you can start a chat session with a help desk technician to try and resolve your request. At the top of the OIT portal, you’ll see one of the two below icons:

Live Chat IconChat Offline Icon

If the “Live Chat” icon is available, you can click it to start a chat session. You can then type your initial question to actually start the chat and you will be given your position in the queue.

Live Chat Window

Using the Chat Window

You can then work with the technician to help solve your issue. If the technician cannot solve your issue, they will be able to copy the text of the chat into a new incident request for you.

Chat Window Preferences

You can also click on the gear icon in the bottom left of the chat window. You can then select any preferences and select “update” to save your changes.

Chat Window Preferences



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