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Installing SLCC Mobile App on Apple Devices

Ellucian Go Logo Download Ellucian Go from the App Store 

Apple Store

Open the App Store

Find the App Store icon on your device and tap it to open the store.  Tap on the magnifying glass at the top right of the screen and begin typing ‘Ellucian Go.’  The search results will list different apps with ‘Ellucian Go’ at the top.  Tap on ‘Ellucian Go’ and the App Store will display a list of matching apps.  Choose ‘Ellucian Go’ from the search results.

Ellucian Go app in Apple Store

Install and open the app

You will see the app information, including the ‘Free’ button. Tap the ‘Free’ button to install the app.  After installation is complete, the ‘Open’ button will display.  Tapping this button will launch the app.

Apple Sign In Screen

Select SLCC and Sign in

Select ‘Salt Lake Community College’ from the institution list.  The home screen for the ‘Salt Lake Community College’ will display.  Tapping the top left of the home screen will display the app menu. Tap ‘Sign In’ on the bottom of the home screen.  Enter your MyPage username and password.  Selecting the ‘Stay signed in’ check box will keep you signed in.  Otherwise, you will be logged out after 30 minutes of inactivity.

Apple App Menu

Browse app menu

Tap on the top left of the app to view the app menu.
Tap on ‘My Courses’ to see courses.
Tap on ‘My Grades’ to see grades.
Tap on ‘My Notifications’ to see any notifications, alerts or holds on your record.
Tap on 'Registration' to add classes to your cart and register.
Scroll down the app menu to choose from many other useful options.
Tap on ‘Sign Out’ to exit.

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