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Entering Grades into MySLCC

  • Grades are due midnight on Specified Date
  • All enrolled students must be issued a grade, regardless of attendance.
  • Class grades will not process if the LDA is not submitted in the required format for all E grades:
    • All E grades must have a Last Date of Attendance (LDA) with this Exact Format:  mm/dd/yyyy  (two digit month forward slash two digit day forward slash four digit year). Do not include spaces before, between or after the LDA. 
    • Do not enter LDA for any other grade other than an E grade
    • If the student never attended and earned an E grade, submit the LDA as first day of the semester
  • For Apprenticeship classes, enter actual hours of attendance in the last column.  Clock Hours are submitted for only Apprenticeship classes.


Submit Grades on MySLCC Faculty Services

Go to SLCC home page and click on MySLCC Login. Enter your user name and password. If you have not used MySLCC before, follow the instructions for First Time Users below the Login box. You will need your ID (“S”) number.

After logging into MySLCC Faculty Tab:

  1. Click “Input Grades” under the Faculty heading on the left side of the screen Select current term and submit.
  2. Select a class from the drop-down box and submit.
  3. Scroll down and begin grading—continue to Page 2 if you have more than 25 students.
  4. Make sure to sign out of MySLCC when finished posting grades.


Last Dates of Attendance

Last dates of attendance (LDA) must be submitted for students receiving a grade of “E” (failing). 

Use this Exact Format: mm/dd/yyyy  (two digit month forward slash two digit day forward slash four digit year).  Do not include spaces before, between or after the LDA. 

If a student never attended the class, please submit the LDA as the first day of the semester.

This field should be LEFT BLANK for all other grades.


Clock Hours

Clock hours are reported for only Apprentice related classes.  For all other classes, please leave the clock hour field blank.


Change of Grades

Submit grade changes by email from SLCC email account to with student, class and grade information.     


Incomplete Grade

Faculty may submit an Incomplete for students who meet the following requirements: Incomplete grades may be given by instructors to students who cannot continue in class because of extenuating circumstances beyond their control (such as serious illness, death in the family, or change of employment) with proper documentation. Student must be passing the course at the time of an Incomplete grade request. A substantial portion of a course must be completed before an Incomplete is given. A substantial portion of a course is generally defined as 70%; however the final decision is based on the Instructors discretion. Upon receiving an Incomfallplete grade, the student must work directly with the instructor to create a contract indicating required work and time limits for completing the course. The contract should specify (a) required work to be completed and/or tests to be taken, and (b) time allowed for requirements to be completed. Suggested time period is six months, however the time period may not exceed one year from the time the Incomplete grade was received. The student does not re-register for the class, but should work directly with the instructor to complete the contract. If the student fails to fulfill the contract by the determined completion date or within one year of when the Incomplete was received the Incomplete grade will be changed to the grade of ‘E’ (failing), and the student will be required to retake the class in order to receive credit. Faculty submit a grade change to when the student has completed the requirements of the course.


Faculty Tutorial – How to Submit Grades

Faculty Tutorial available on the Faculty Teaching and Learning Center (FTLC) website:


Further questions:

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Liz Brewster                  957-3355 

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