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FAQ's for Windows Updates - SLCC Computers

Common questions about Windows updates on SLCC computers.

Q: When are updates pushed?

A: Updates are typically made available to SLCC computers starting the second week of each month. They become mandatory on the second (or following) Sunday of each month.

Q: How can I tell if I have updates that need to be installed?

A: A pop-up balloon will alert you that there are updates for your machine. It will show up every 6 hours if there is more than a day before the mandatory deadline. It will show up every 3 hours if there are less than 24 hours before the mandatory deadline. It will also tell you the date for the mandatory deadline for the update.

Q: When is the mandatory deadline and what does it mean?

A: The mandatory deadline is the second Sunday of each month at midnight. At this time updates are no longer optional and must be installed to insure that SLCC computers are protected from known Windows security vulnerabilities.

Q: What if my computer is off campus?

A: Updates are available over the internet. As long as your computer is connected to the internet you will receive the updates as if you were on campus.

Q: What if my computer is off at the mandatory deadline?

A: The next time the computer is turn on and connected to the internet it will be forced to install the updates. If a reboot is needed the reboot will also be forced at that time.

Q: When will my computer reboot?

A: If you install the updates before the mandatory deadline then you have until the deadline to reboot the computer at your convenience. If the updates are installed at the mandatory deadline they will reboot the computer at that time. If the computer exceeds the deadline it will install the updates and enforce a reboot then if required.

Q: How long do I have before the computer reboots if it exceeded the mandatory deadline?

A: After installing the updates you will see a warning that the computer needs to reboot. The warning comes with a 45 minute countdown timer. When there are two minutes left before the required reboot the timer will pop-up again to remind you.

Q: What about holidays?

A: Where possible we try to keep the schedule the same, but during the holiday season it is possible that the update schedule will be modified.

Q: What about emergency patching?

A: In the event that a critical flaw is found that needs to be patched ASAP we will push an update with a mandatory deadline of the same day. This is only in the case of critical security threats to the college computer system.

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