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  • Proofpoint URL Defense
    SLCC’s recent Proofpoint implementation includes an email scanning technology to protect our Staff and Faculty Members from targeted-attacks such as phishing. As we all know, phishing is when an email impersonates another person, site etc. in an effort to get people to give up their credentials. These messages and websit...
  • SLCC Security Awareness Training
      INFORMATION SECURITY AWARENESS TRAINING   Talking Points Email Social Engineering Phishing/Spam Protect Data Systems Cloud Services Sensitive Data/PII Mobile Computing   January 2019 Cyber Attacks Statistics:       ...
  • Removing A Device From DUO
    If a device you enrolled in DUO is no longer in use, you will want to remove it from DUO.  If you had multiple devices in DUO, the following instructions will help you remove a device.   If it is your only device, follow the instruction found at  to add your new device before removing your old device....
  • Proofpoint Spam Management System
      About Proofpoint What is the Proofpoint spam management system and why do we use it? Proofpoint is an anti-spam and email protection process that provides multiple layers of security to protect the SLCC Exchange server from spam, malware and non-malware threats; such as email fraud and phishing.  It controls all sus...
  • How to clean computer of possible virus/spyware
    Symptoms Computer is displaying virus alerts and/or spyware notifications. These are pop-up advertisements or virus trouble alerts. Cause Sites accessed on Web Web downloads Opening e-mails with attachments that have a virus Resolution Run the System Center Endpoint Protection antivirus software. ...
  • Using DUO 2FA with a hardware token
    Duo two-factor authentication adds an additional step to the login process.  You will enter your username and password like normal, but after you click submit, you will be presented with an additional step to confirm your identity.  If you click the "Remember me for 3 days" checkbox, you will only have to go through this additional login...
  • Bing toolbar causes errors when trying to delete, deliver, or whitelist SPAM-flagged email
    Symptoms When in the SPAM box, clicking Delete/Deliver/Whitelist causes an error to be displayed saying that the page cannot be found.     Cause This typically occurs when users have the Bing Toolbar installed in the browser.     Resolution Remove the Bing Toolbar from your browser.
  • Personally Identifiable Information
    Personally Identifiable Information   Personally Identifiable Information(PII):   is information that can be used to uniquely identify, contact, or locate a single person or can be used with other sources to uniquely identify a single individual. Examples: Social Security Numbers Credit Card Numbers Dri...
  • Enrolling Multiple Devices in DUO
    You can have several devices enrolled in DUO for multi-factor authentication.  It can be useful to enroll two devices, so you can continue to have access to your account if one of them fails.  Your device will need internet connection for the enrollment process. To add a second device go to , enter you...
  • Network Access Control CrowdStrike Remediation Instructions
    The Network Access Control (NAC) system has moved your computer to the remediation network because CrowdStrike antivirus is not running properly on your SLCC owned device.    Until this is fixed, you will not have full access to the college network.   Possible reasons for this include that CrowdStrike failed to complete ...