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  • Google Apps Online Training
    Here are some self-guided learning guides for GSuite/Google Apps services (modules) that can help get you started with a basic introduction to the tools and their interface. G Suite User Hub: Comprehensive Guide  GSuite Quick Learning Guide Self-Serve Tutorials   ...
  • Setup Bruinmail account for Microsoft Outlook 2013 - 16
      You can retrieve your Gmail messages with a client or device that supports IMAP, like Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail. Enable IMAP in your Gmail settings Sign in to Gmail. Click the gear in the top right   . Select   Settings . Click   Forwarding and POP/IMAP . Select   Enable IMAP . ...
  • SLCC Google Apps
    As SLCC weighed their options to replace MyMail, the decision was made to migrate to Google Apps for Education. As with MyMail, all faculty, staff and students will get an account and have the ability to keep the account forever. Google Apps will allow greater flexibility and provide all users with a suite of applications that can...
  • Bruinmail not opening
      If the Bruinmail is not opening from or phone the student may simply need to accept the use of the account by logging into the MyPage and opening the Bruinmail from there. If that does not work try different browsers.
  • Redirecting e-mail from to
    Log into your Exchange Account (webmail) at: Click the Options menu at the top right, then select Create an Inbox Rule...       Click New…     From the drop down labeled: When the message arrives, and: select [Apply to all mess...
  • Google Apps Sync Tool
    Install Google Domain for Google Apps Sync Downloading Google Apps Sync Alternative - My administrator downloaded Google Apps Sync for me Importing my Exchange data Continuing to access my Exchange account Using Google Apps Sync Introducing the Google Cloud What's Different from Exchange Overv...
  • Google Calendar (GCal)
    Google Calendar (GCal)  is a web-based calendaring tool with a surprisingly powerful feature set. Easy to use and accessible from any computer, GCal at Salt Lake Community College can be used for scheduling meetings, tracking tasks, checking the availability of your coworkers for meetings and other common functions. To get started with Goo...
  • BruinMail - powered by GMail
    GMail is a web-based mail tool and is the heart of Google Apps. Easy to use and accessible from any computer, GMail at Salt Lake Community College is nearly identical to the public version of GMail you may already be familiar with. Some of the key differences from other mail systems (e.g. Outlook) are: Accessible from any computer with...
  • Setting up mobile devices to connect to Outlook / Exchange mailbox
    To connect your phone / tablet to our exchange servers, you should use the following general guidelines: First, just enter your email address and select to detect.  If your device detects the settings properly, you will just then need to enter your password. If you have an error and it asks you to enter additional server ...
  • How to connect mobile devices to Outlook / Exchange e-Mail
    Open your phone/tablet to account settings and add either "Exchange" or "Corporate account". You may first be asked for your email address and your device will attempt to automatically connect to our servers.  If that does not work, here are the additional details that may be asked Server: ...