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  • How to Set Up an Automatic Reply in Outlook for Windows
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  • Forwarding Bruinmail Email
      These instructions show you how to set up forwarding of your Bruinmail ( email to another email account.  For example, to your Outlook account ( ) or another account of your choice. Note :  With these instructions you can also change or add a forwarding address. To forward ...
  • Office 365 Teams Training
    What is Microsoft Teams and why would I use it? Microsoft Office 365 Teams is an app providing a secure and private collaborative space for committees or group teams to organize their communications and files in one packaged space (THIS IS NOT SHAREPOINT TEAM SITES). Here's why you should use it: It makes comm...
  • Word Formatting Tools: Non-Printing characters or Format Marks
    How to Display Non-Printing Characters in Word Besides the normal content of a document in Word, there are also characters that don’t normally display on the screen and aren’t printed. These can be seen in the screen shot above. In addition, Word uses several special characters for its own purposes, such as character...
  • How to Customize the Outlook Navigation Pane
    The Navigation Pane appears in all folder views by default. The Navigation Pane can be resized, minimized, or hidden. The contents displayed in the Navigation Pane vary with the folder you are working in, such as the Mail folder or Calendar folder. What do you want to do? Resize the Navigation Pane Change the folder but...
  • Presenting with Webex meeting in TB 225D-E - Conducting a Webex meeting presentation
    Conducting a Webex Meeting Presentation in the OIT Training Lab - TB 225D-E Prep Work Set up Meeting Event in SLCC Webex software using sponsor’s (trainer or instructor) account. This sponsor will be the actual Host of the broadcast. Set meeting parameters for broadcast model to have total control of audience participatio...
  • Managing your files in OneDrive
    When you upload files to OneDrive, you can securely update and share them from anywhere. ( Launch video from Microsoft on this topic ) In OneDrive, click Upload, select the files, then select Open. And the files upload to OneDrive. With the latest version of your browser, you can also drag files from your computer straight to OneDr...
  • Nolij web application browser requirements
    To ensure that Nolij functions properly, it is recommended that you use one of the following browsers: Firefox 13+ Internet Explorer 8+ (recommended) Safari Chrome In addition to the browser recommendations above, you might need to have Java enabled in your browser. To enable Java on your comput...
  • ServiceNow Detailed Technician Training WikiBook
    Problem (Symptoms)     Describe symptoms here     Cause     Describe cause here     Resolution     Describe resolution here
  • Extortion Phishing Information
    Extortion Phishing Emails .   SLCC Information Security has received a number of reports of Extortion based Phishing emails. These emails all claim to have compromised an individual’s computer and obtained video of them via their web cam while watching adult websites. While we have blocked a number of senders and removed...