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  • Managing your files in OneDrive
    When you upload files to OneDrive, you can securely update and share them from anywhere. ( Launch video from Microsoft on this topic ) In OneDrive, click Upload, select the files, then select Open. And the files upload to OneDrive. With the latest version of your browser, you can also drag files from your computer straight to OneDr...
  • Kumo Cloud Storage Integration
    Kumo (which means both “cloud” and “spider” in Japanese) is software that allows access to your cloud storage accounts in one location when using SLCC shared computers like inside AllAccess or in SLCC computer labs.  Once your files are saved in one the available cloud locations, the files are accessible via ne...
  • Requesting Custom Training Sessions from OIT Training
    OIT Training is offering customized training sessions on various software applications for your department or team. Faculty and Staff may fill out the request form from our IT Service Catalog> .
  • Email Migration: training video for changing your mailbox account information on various devices
    ;   You will need to log into your Office 365 account to view this training stream.
  • Using Google Help or GSuite Training
    Click the Question mark in the right top corner of your email dashboard.  You may Search for topics or Scroll down the list. In this image below, we have selected the Changing Settings section. By clicking the red Start button, you will start the screencast which will provide a training box with text and narration a...
  • Enabling Duo Account Backup for an iOS Device
    Enabling Duo Backup for an iOS Device   Make sure you are running the latest version of the Duo Mobile App on your current iOS device. Back up your device to iCloud. Nightly iCloud backups will include Duo Restore information. Encrypted iTunes backups will also work.   Note: Duo only stores non-sensitive ac...
  • Get the SharePoint mobile app
    Get the SharePoint mobile app Download available online with Microsoft here
  • Office 365 Information for Students and Staff/Faculty personal devices
    Salt Lake Community College offers faculty, staff and active students a license for Office 365.  These two license types provide access to key applications, storage and processes that are instrumental for the role each take at the college. When a new student begins classes or when a new hire (faculty or staff) begins work,...
  • Managing Groups in Outlook Online Contacts/People
    Overview of Office 365 Groups  With Office 365 Groups, you can give a group of people access to a collection of collaboration resources for those people to share. These resources include: A shared Outlook inbox A shared calendar A SharePoint document library A Planner Power BI Yammer (if the group was created from Yamm...
  • Online Training: Adobe, Microsoft and LinkedIn Learning
    As an active employee, faculty member or a student at Salt Lake Community College, you have free access to online educational tools and software from Adobe® and Microsoft.  Additionally, you have access to a pilot subscription to LinkedIn.   Follow these links below to access training venues that provide details and t...