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  • Mac - Instructions to add a network printer
    Macintosh Instructions - Add a Windows shared printer Link to support page with the following instructions . Mac OS X: How to manually add a Windows shared printer In some situations, you may be unable to locate a Microsoft Windows shared (SMB) printer while adding a printer, yet you can s...
  • Process for Verifying Duo User for Reactivation
    Process for Verifying Duo User for Reactivation   -         Ask for username to create ticket -         Log into -         Search for User in DUO Admin -         Check phone...
  • How to Clear Browing History/Delete Temorary Internet Files
    Why Clear Cache and Cookies? Clearing Cache and Cookies is an important first step for almost any troubleshooting for internet browsing. The 'cache' is a tool used by your internet browser to speed up the page loading process. However, sometimes it can cause a problem when websites are updated and developed as files saved in the cache may ...
  • Steps to Installing a Network Printer
    Symptoms Staff or Faculty needs to install a network printer on their desktop or laptop computer.     Resolution   There are a few ways to go about installing a Network printer. First click on the Start Menu and select Run (the Run option may need to be added to the Windows Vista Start Menu and/or the Win...
  • Support and Access Tiers for Computing Devices
    Below is a list of tiers in SLCC’s device management plan.  This plan includes SLCC purchased devices as well as staff/faculty and student devices and indicates the level of access and support that these devices will have based on multiple factors, like who they have been purchased by as well as their compatibility with SLCC systems ...
  • H: Drive Troubles
      Problem (Symptoms)   User personal H: drives are not mapping for multiple people on the same computer but is on other computers.       Cause   The main trouble was that the computer had an external drive connected and that external drive was assigned the letter H: by the operating syst...
  • Employee Dashboard FAQ for Supervisors
    Employee Dashboard Supervisors’ Frequently Asked Questions • What functionality do supervisors have on the new Employee Dashboard? Answer: Supervisors have access to the new “My Team” function which allows a quick way to access employees’ leave balances and allows them to drill down to employees ...
  • Canvas Calendar Feed on Phone
    Problem (Symptoms) If you would like to setup your phone to access the Canvas Calendar Feed here are some instructions. Cause Here are three guides to set this up for various devices. Resolution Calendar Feed for Google Calendars Calendar Feed for iCal Calendar Feed for Outlook
  • How to install or upgrade to Parallels Desktop 13
    How to install or upgrade to Parallels Desktop 13   APPLIES TO: Parallels Desktop 13 for Mac Home Edition Parallels Desktop 13 for Mac Pro Edition   NOTE: After upgrading to Parallels Desktop 13, you do not need to reinstall Windows or create a new virtual machine. You can use your existing virtual mac...
  • How to Register for Classes within MySLCC
    How to Register for Classes   1. Sign into with your MySLCC username and password.   2. Click on the REGISTRATION tab.   3. Click on Add/Drop Classes.   4. In the drop down box, select the term you want to register for.   5. Click Submit.   6. Click Add/Drop Class...