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  • MySLCC Timed Out Message
    Symptoms User gets a Timed Out messages after logging into MySLCC.    Cause   They may not be siigning out of MySLCC, but using the X to close the window.   Resolution Have the person logout by clicking the Sign out button in the upper right portion of the window. Then close t...
  • Student Identification Number (SID - S-Number))
    SID's are nine digit numbers beginning with a capital 'S'.  SID's or 'S' numbers are used by SLCC in place of a Social Security Number (SSN).  By using an SID instead of an SSN, SLCC provides another level of security to help protect you from identity theft. How can I get my SID or S-Number? Your SID is provided on your One...
  • Our Records do not Match the Information Input
    Problem After submitting the form for either the “ Get your username and password (New Users)  or  “Change My Password OR Forgot my usename or password”  the message “The information you entered does not match our records.” appears. Cause The data the user has entered doesn't matc...
  • Financial Aid Letter won't open with current password
    Symptoms Student has received e-mail from Financial Aid. The letter attached will not open with the student's current MySLCC username and password.     Cause Student has changed their MySLCC password. The e-mail/letter was sent before student setup MySLCC account.   Resolutio...
  • Faculty Information from Registrar
    Registration Hints and Online Services Instruction for Faculty Includes:  Add Period Enforced  Administrative Drop for Non-Attendance  Admission Application Deadline  Class Rosters/Lists/Schedule  Email Accounts  Enrollment Exceptions  FERPA ...
  • Answer to Secret Question Forgotten / Not Working
    Problem Answer to Secret Question not working or has been forgotten.   Resolution Ask for the user's SID. Put it into Banner screen GOATPAD. Verify user name (can also verify the last 4 digits of the SSN, if needed). Go to Banner screen GOATPAC. Clear the check mark for “Web access te...
  • Student Tab Only Has One Column
    Symptoms The Student tab only has one column, is missing Channel or Columns.      Resolution First click on “Content/Layout” in the MyPage top left corner to the left of “Welcome, (username)” and then click Revert to Default Layout. It should make everything back to normal.
  • Student Tab Disappears
    Symptoms   The student doesn’t have a Student Tab. The account is set so the tab shows, and then it disappears again.     Cause   The student does not have the results of English and/or Math scores recorded in their account. If there were transcripts being evaluated for transfer credit, the r...
  • Student is missing the Academics and Records Tab in MySLCC
    Symptoms New student’s Student tab is missing      Resolution This could be a result of placement tests not taken or not yet processed and in Banner or transcripts not fully processed. If possible we can check SAAADMS from inside Banner, via the MySLCC Employee tab, for the decision code. A decision code ...
  • Entering Grades into MySLCC
    Grades are due midnight on Specified Date All enrolled students must be issued a grade, regardless of attendance. Class grades will not process if the LDA is not submitted in the required format for all E grades: All E grades must have a Last Date of Attendance (LDA) with this Exact Format :  mm/dd/yyyy  (two digit mo...