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                          Office of Information Technology

Image shows OIT Management

OIT Management Team

The OIT Management team works together to help direct the different IT departments to help support the goals of SLCC through appropriate use of technology.

Photo:  Alex Radivoyevich, Kurt Shirkey, Brandon Johnson, Casey Moore, John Madsen, Gus Calder, Jack White, Steven Palfreyman, Deb Mahre, Bill Zoumadakis, Jourdan McCall.

Not Pictured: Larry Larsen


Image shows Technical Support

Technical Support

The Technical Support Help Desk offers support for students, faculty and staff presented by phone calls, e-mails, voice messages, chats and walk-ins. Support includes, but not limited to, MySLCC login, Office 365, All Access, wifi access, software and hardware support and much more.

Photo:  Front Row: Tim MIllar, Jessaca Nebeker, Jesse Wright

Back Row: Gus Calder (Manager), Prax Vazquez,  Megan Grant


Image show Academic Computing

Academic Computing

The Academic Computing department has the responsibility of providing technical support to students, faculty, and staff in Computer Labs and Technology Centers at all campuses of the college.  This team has the charge to make sure that Open Labs and other instructional spaces are efficiently providing the necessary technology for learning at SLCC.

Photo: Front Row: Charles Allen, Gabriel Sposito Serrano, Alan Squier, Steve Perry, Steve Yates, Olimpiu Nedelcu

Back Row:  John Russo, Tina Waite, John Kunkel, Katie Beattie, Jameson Bawden, Alex Radivoyevich (Manger), Kelly Taylor


Image shows Desktop Service

Desktop Services

The Desktop Support group sets up and maintains desktop computer hardware, software, and associated peripherals for Faculty and Staff at SLCC. Technicians offer support at all Campus locations with secondary support for some lab environments.

Photo:  Front Row: Mark Ewoldt, Matt White, Brent Ranke, Ted Laser, Jack White (Manager)

Back Row: Robert Devins, Bruce Rosengren, Mindy Warner, Erich Gillespie


Image shows Infrastructure Services

Infrastructure Services

The Infrastructure Services department provides support for Computer Networking and Telecommunications services at the SLCC. Our team supports physical hardware and transmission media both wired and wireless used to interconnect all associated SLCC computing resources, telephone system and Internet Access. In addition Infrastructure Services supports various services such as Jabber Instant Messaging, Voicemail, Remote Network Access etc.

Photo:  Front Row: Alex Black, Ryan Wierman, Tom Thompson, Janghun Yu, Bobbie Edwards

Back Row: Ken Larson, Nathan Howard, Gabino Chacon, Steve Palfreymann (Manager), Robin Howard


Image shows Server Services

Server Services

The Server Services department has the responsibility of providing technological solutions for the evolving services at SLCC reliant upon server technologies, as well as technical support for students, faculty, and staff as it involves server related technologies and services provided at all SLCC campuses. 

Photo: Front Row: Jeremy Page, Zach Pavelka, Robert Fox, Jeff Staples, David Snider

Back Row: Mike Siebach, John Madsen (Manager), Nick Tadehara, Nick Shelton


Image shows Information Security

Information Security

The Information Security Office, within the Office of Information Technology (OIT), is to safeguard the College’s information technology resources and data by ensuring confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the these resources and protect them from compromise, abuse, loss or damage caused intentionally or unintentionally. This assurance will allow the College to continue its mission critical operations of education, service, and administration.

Photo:  Steve Oswood, Bill Zoumadakis, James Wilkinson, Kha Kguyen


Image shows Administrative Computing

Administrative Computing

Administrative Computing manages the software systems used by SLCC to perform day-to-day operations, solve problems, and plan for the future. Our services include installation, maintenance, and technical support of the administrative systems used by the college. Where appropriate we also modify these systems and build custom software. 

Photo:  Front Row: Nate Reynolds, Patrick Chaffos, Jourdan McCall (Manager), Jamie Kelsch, Ana Branstetter, Alisa Garcia, Chuck Schoonover

Back Row: Ken Scott, Jessica Guiver, McKell Anderson, Tikey Drossos, Lisa Daines, Dave Allen, Truc Tran


Image show Classroom Technology Support


Classroom Technology Support

Classroom Technology Support maintains and offers assistance for Faculty and Staff with the use of in class equipment across all SLCC campuses. This equipment includes projectors, microphone and Kramer devices.

Photo: Front Row:  Johnathan Clark, Sam Smith, Kurt Shirkey (Manager), Randall Adams

Back Row: Taryn Buchanon, Aidan Hubert, Caitlin Johnson



Image shows Web Services

Web Systems

Web Systems maintain and offers support for online systems within MySLCC. They monitor and repair issues with internal working of MySLCC applications.

Photo: Front Row: Michael Goleniewski, Geoffrey Kiguthi

Back Row: Same Kuhn, Brandon Johnson (Manager)


Image shows Media Services

Media Services

Media Services maintains media and broadcasting equipment throughout SLCC. This includes hallway television sets and event broadcasting such as Convocation and Graduation.

Photo: Bill Bradford, Vern Rawcliff


Image shows Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing is responsible for maintain and assisting with SLCC's WebEx software. Including access on training lab machines and virtually. 

Photo: Russell Allred, Will Pollard, Guy Douros


Image shows OIT Training

OIT Training

The OIT Trainers are responsible for training staff and faculty on a variety of software. This includes Office 365 products, Google Tools, Adobe, WebEx and more.

Photo: Judy Sylvester, Tami Anderson