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About Two-Factor Authentication


Starting August 11th, all Salt Lake Community College faculty and staff will be required to use Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) when logging into certain applications. 


2FA provides additional security to your account.  After entering your username and password, you will need to provide a second method of verifying your identity before you can log in.  This second method is something you have access to, like your cell phone, a tablet, or a hard token.  This ensures that even if a hacker obtains your username and password they still cannot access your account without access to your secondary device. 


Why is Two-Factor Authentication required?

2FA helps protect you and the college from unauthorized access.  It is easier than you may think for a hacker to get your password.  The following are just some of the actions that can put you at risk of having your password stolen:


  • Downloading software from the internet
  • Using the same password on different websites
  • Visiting malicious or hacked websites
  • Clicking links in your email
  • Accessing your account from a shared or public computer
  • Using easily guessed passwords


2FA can prevent a hacker from accessing your account, even if they have your username and password.


What services will require Two-Factor Authentication?

2FA will be used to protect applications containing Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and other high risk servers and applications.  These applications include, but are not limited to:

  • Mypage
  • Banner
  • Canvas
  • Webmail



Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) Frequently Asked Questions


What is DUO?

Duo is the college's partner for Two-Factor Authentication.  DUO is highly secure and has user friendly mobile app for authenticating to SLCC applications.


Who is required to enroll in Two-Factor Authentication?

All SLCC employees and student employees will be required to use DUO 2FA when accessing applications such Mypage, Banner, Canvas, and webmail.  


Why do I have to enroll in Two-Factor Authentication?

It has become increasingly common for hackers to obtain user passwords.  Two-Factor Authentication ensures that even a hacker obtains your username and password they won't be able to use this information to access your account.  

Two-Factor Authentication is used at many colleges and businesses and has been proved very effective in stopping cyberattacks and phishing.


When will I have to enroll in Two-Factor Authentication?

By August 11th, all users will be required to be enrolled in 2FA.  You can enroll now by visiting  Anyone not enrolled by the deadline will be prompted to enroll then next time they attempt an application protected by DUO 2FA.


How do I enroll in DUO 2FA?

To enroll in DUO 2FA, visit and login.  You'll then be walked through the enrollment steps.  For detailed instructions on enrolling, visit  

Once you begin the enrollment process, it is important that you complete it.  


What can be used as a Second Factor for Authentication?

You can use your smartphone running windows, iOS or Android, or a tablet running iOS or Android.  You can also purchase a hard token from the bookstore. 


Do I have to use my phone as a token?

No.  Although the DUO app is the easiest way to use 2FA, we understand that not everyone will have a smartphone or tablet they can use.

You can purchase a hard token from the bookstore for $24.  The hardware token will display 6 digits you'll need to enter to gain access to your account.  Tokens will be available from the bookstore starting in July.


How do I use DUO 2FA?

For instructions on using DUO 2FA with your phone or tablet, visit


Can I enroll multiple devices?

Yes.  Enrolling two devices can ensure you continue to have access to SLCC systems one device gets broken, but it is important not to store a device in a place where someone else can access it.  For help registering a second device, see 


Can I enroll a device that does not have internet access?

You will need internet access to download and activate the DUO app.  After those steps are complete you can use the app without internet access.  When you need to enter your 2FA code, you will open the app, click the key icon on the right side of the screen, and enter the passcode that is displayed.


Can I use my Mac or Windows PC as a token?

No.  The DUO app cannot be installed on Mac Computers, Windows PCs or Windows tablets. 


What do I do if I've lost my phone / token?

Contact the helpdesk at 801-957-5555 as soon as possible.  It is important that we deactivate that device from DUO so no one is able use it to gain access to your account.


What do I do if I get a login notification, but I haven't recently tried to login?

If you ever get a DUO verification request that you didn't initiate, click on "Deny."  You will then be given two options, "It was a mistake, and "It seems fraudulent."  Click the "It seems fraudulent" option, and contact the help desk at 801-957-5555.  You should also change your password as soon as possible.


What data is collected stored by DUO?

Duo stores your name, userID, email address and limited device information.  This information is not used for marketing and is not shared with 3rd parties.  DUO does not collect any user created data on your phone or tablet.


Will OIT reimburse me for my cell phone / token?

OIT will not reimburse users for purchases of hard tokens or cell phone usage.